Toto Toilets – Ultimate Fixtures For Your Bathroom


Toto Toilets – Ultimate Fixtures For Your Bathroom

Toto is a Japanese company known primarily for producing bathroom accessories. It is internationally known as TOTO, stylized as TOTO. It was established in 1917, and now is largest bathroom manufacturer in the world. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan, where it manufactures most derivative products and washlets. In addition, the company manufactures furniture and industrial products.

Toto manufactures toilet fixtures that are both functional and stylish. It uses innovative materials to make its products, which includes ceramics, stainless steel, glass, chrome, nickel, brass, and others. Toilet accessories produced by Toto include washcloths, seat covers, toilet mats, hand towels, bathroom rugs, bath robes, body sprays, shower curtains, tissue holders, and other bath and bathroom necessities. Some of the popular Toto toilet accessories produced by the company include toilet seat brushes, hand towels, rugs, toilet floor mats, soap dispensers, toilet floor mats, mirrors, waste management containers, shaving kits, and baby accessories. Toto believes in a “fair price for a high quality product”. They offer competitive pricing, including special discount offers, free home delivery, free shipping on selected products, and in-home warranty service.

Most of the Toto toilets come with a built-in heater. This is particularly useful for households with small children and elderly members. Even if you do not have a lot of hot water at home, you can warm your bathroom using a Toto heating system. There are two types of heating systems offered by Toto: wet room heating and dry room heating. If you want to get rid of dryness after using the toilet, then a dry room heating system is more suitable, since it works on propane or kerosene sources.

Toto also offers a series of “Shower Kits” that are ideal to soften hard water and unclog the pipes of older toilets. The Washlets come with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and Toto seals the parts for a long and trouble-free life span of the washlet. You can also use the Toto Washlet to soften your old washing machine or wash.

Toto’s Ultramax II series is a line of self flushing toilets for the whole family. The Ultramax II is the best toto toilet in the market and the most innovative self flushing toilet. It has an automatic rinse function that automatically rinses itself after every flush. The Ultramax II uses two tanks to store the flushed water, so that there is never a situation when there is no water left to clean the waste. The Ultramax II is also very good for the environment as it consumes only half the energy of the traditional flushing toilets and it is considered to be more environmentally friendly.

Toto also has a series of “Toilet Bowl Air Dryers” that are specially designed to dry the flushing toilet bowl. The toilet bowl air dryers are designed to make your flushing much easier and convenient, especially if you are away from home for an extended period of time. The toilet bowl air dryers feature an air tight seal, so there is no moisture trapped inside the bowl and they ensure the lint free wipe up is always complete.