TOTO Toilet Seats

Toto is a Japanese-American manufacturer of toiletry items. It is styled as TOTO, and is the worlds largest manufacturer of bathroom and shower accessories. It was established in 1917 and today is popular for producing Washlets and related accessory products. The company currently has production facilities in nine different countries across the globe. Some of these facilities are located in Tokyo, Kitakyushu, Okayama, Seoul, Hanoi, Nagoya, Chiba, and Hong Kong.


The most common products sold under the TOTO brand name are showers, jacuzzis, handicap showers, baths, cisterns, vanities, toilet seats, and accessories such as towel holders, wall-mounted or free-standing toilets, bidets, toilet brushes, etc. Toto also offers some specialty lines such as, Jacuzzi Kits, Bath & Body Works, Home Bathworks, Mirrors, Bathrooms, Bathroom Furniture, Mirrors, Undercounter Ramps, Undermount Bathtubs, Faucets, Plumbing, Electrical, Spice Machines, etc. The company offers online catalogs from which buyers can select the items that suit their needs. Most of the online products are priced at a price range suitable to individual budgets.

The toto company primarily markets its bathroom and shower accessories in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. It also has a strong presence in many cities in various countries around the world, including Buenos Aires, Tokyo, and Sydney. However, the most popular and widely distributed product lines in the U.S. are under the generic names “TOHO” and “HOKA”.

Among the most popular toilet accessories offered by the Toto Company are bidet toilets, which have become very popular worldwide. Bidet toilets are hand held units that deliver a hand held vacuum. They attach to the base of the user’s toilet bowl and remove debris and bodily secretions. The Toto bidet toilets come in both lightweight models and heavyweight models. Both models offer a variety of hand-holding techniques – the lightweight model including a remote control and an attached paper towel holder; the heavyweight model including a nozzle for the user to spray warm water from the nozzle and a seat for the user to sit in to dry themselves.

The Toto Softclosure toilet seat is another example of a hand held unit that attaches to a toilet bowl. It is specifically designed to be slipped over a person’s hips, rather than being connected to the base of the bowl. Once the Softclosure toilet seat is slid over the bowl, it tightens around the sides of the bowl to prevent it from opening. This seat also has an added advantage in that it prevents the toilet from getting stuck on the sides of the toilet.

Toto toilet seats are available in several different colors. The most common color for a Toto toilet seat is green, followed by white and blue. TOTO recommends the use of an approved water filter to maintain quality performance of the unit. A Toto toilet seat also comes with a special holder that fits securely onto the base of the toilet paper holder and allows it to keep the water pressure within the boundaries of the toilet bowl. To save space and prevent the need to repeatedly take the plastic cup from the toilet paper holder, TOTO includes a reusable holder with every toilet.