The Tale of Toto, the Monkey

Toto (also known as Toto) is a fictional character created by Bill Sikes in 1935. Toto is described as having a “birdlike” appearance with white fur. In actuality, Toto is actually a completely different species of animal. It is specie Metatheria or aves.


Toto was born in Louisiana. It was raised like a pet dog by Mrs. Miguel de Allende, who had taken him from an orphanage after his mother died. When Toto was a young adult, he escaped from his captors and was found by Dr. Perricone, who was preparing to work on a study of primates in New York City.

Toto was taken under the care of Perricone and taught by him over a period of two years. Toto was trained to speak and write in both English and Spanish. Perricone trained Toto to be able to use sign language and taught him to use clapping like a cat, in order to communicate. Toto was also trained to do push-ups and sit-ups to get his owner’s attention. When he was seven years old, he was brought to live with humans in San Francisco. He became accustomed to people and developed a positive personality.

When Perricone brought Toto back to New York, he mistook the young tobo for a rhesus monkey. However, Toto was quickly discovered to be a very clever monkey. The Perricone family had to call Animal Control to take the toto to a veterinarian for professional medical care. Luckily for Toto, the clinic was near his home in Fillmore, California.

Eventually, Toto was returned to his original enclosure, where he lived for another five years. During that time, the toto developed a new desire to be alone. It is not clear why he abandoned his previous friends, but after about six months in captivity, they did notice a few changes in Toto. Toto began to show signs that he was no longer afraid of humans, as he would climb up to the top of his cage, where he could view all the activities going on around him.

When Toto was finally released from his captivity, he moved to San Francisco, where he spent the next twelve years of his life. Eventually, Toto developed a new fear of water, so he was only let out of his enclosure to cross a nearby creek. On the advice of his landlord, who saw how well Toto coped with the loneliness of being alone, Toto was finally given back to his owners in Fillmore, California. He now resides at the sanctuary run by Dr. Morris Pearl in Sausalito, California. Toto is well cared for, and Pearl believes he will outgrow the need to climb trees ever again. He is, however, still encouraged to spend time with humans, as he enjoys their company.