TOTO – The History

TOTO means ‘three’; in Asian languages, however, TOTO often means “four”. TOTO means ‘four colours’ in Chinese; this may be an allusion to the company’s four-color logo. In Japan, TOTO also means the word for “five”. TOTO means ‘eight colours”.

The colours are generally achieved through a technique of mixing different primary and secondary colours, known as dyeing. Secondary colours are those colours used when a primary colour is used first, mixed with a small amount of dye to change the colours slightly. For instance, blue and yellow are often combined to give green, which are a mixture of two primary colours, but with a small amount of yellow. Mixed colours are sometimes used in conjunction with primary colours to produce an entirely new effect.

TOTO was founded in Setsuzan in Japan in 1917. After a short spell working in the United States and working for textile manufacturing companies, TOTO began making its own garments, quilts, bedspreads, tablecloths, and other textiles in the 1930s. The company is run by the co-founders themselves and is located on the Tokyo Metropolitan Planning Commission area. Some of their products are manufactured locally, and they export their items to over thirty countries. Their reputation for high quality workmanship and unique designs has made them a hugely popular brand.

TOTO fabrics are made from a variety of natural fibres such as cotton, silk, wool, jute, sisal and rayon, with a small proportion of polyester. A combination of these fibres produces the hand woven feel and look. The fabrics are lightweight and durable, with a particular emphasis on the weft and the quality of the threads. Many of TOTO’s fabrics are machine washable, and some can even be dry cleaned.

In addition to being used for the making of clothing, TOTO also make other products, including curtains, pillowcases and bed spreads. Many of their fabrics are also suitable for use as tapestries, wall coverings and decorative wallpaper. Most of their pillow cases and bed spreads are available in a range of vibrant colours and patterns. All products are made to a high quality standard, and TOTO are also known for their attention to detail.

Although TOTO were originally only available in Japan, today they have products shipping all around the world. Many of their products can also be found in other countries, and the company has an extensive marketing programme in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Because of their focus on hand-woven quality, it is not surprising that TOTO has won numerous awards, including several prestigious ones, including the prestigious Diamond Brand International Award for Quality in Textiles. Many TOTO customers have also won prizes at International Wool Festival and other prestigious events. TOTO aim to produce only the best quality products, and work hard to retain the trust of their customers.