Traditional Design, Modern Options


Traditional Design, Modern Options

ToTo date, TOTO (pronounced to ‘toot-to) is the most recognized brand in the restroom industry. It was established in 1917, and today is well known for creating the Washlet and various derivative products. The company is currently based in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has production facilities in nine other countries. In total, the company produces more than sixty thousand toilets a year.

The toilet bowl-toilet seats that Toopies use are manufactured in China, Korea and various European countries. All toilet bowl-toilet seats are made of acrylic and fiberglass, as well as chrome plated brass and nickel. There are several models of Toopies to choose from:

Toto toilet seats are equipped with push buttons to change the level of toilet paper that will be used. There are manual and automatic shut off capabilities to help keep the toilet seat clean when it is not in use. You can purchase an optional electronic toilet paper remover, which will help keep your bathroom smelling fresh. In addition to toilet paper, Toopies come with optional shampoo dispensers, drier, soap dispensers and toilet brush holders.

When deciding on a Toilet, one of the first things you should look at is whether or not the toilet seat will remain hygienically clean throughout the course of its use. Many people prefer the heated seat and bidet combination of Toopies, as this keeps the toilet clean and hygienic throughout its use. There are several models of heated seats to choose from. In addition to the standard heated seat, some models of Toopies can also be equipped with a microwave, thus giving you even more convenience.

When looking for Toilet seats, there are several traditional styles to choose from. Some of the most popular Japanese designs are the traditional round toilet seats, which look great in any Japanese inspired bathroom. To get a better idea of which Toilet seat will work best in your Japanese themed bathroom, check out ToTo’s online catalog. The selection includes both traditional and modern designs, as well as colors and materials to suit any decor. You can even pick up a Toilet for your den, making it an ideal luxury home accessory.

When choosing a Toilet seat, one of the main things to consider is whether it will be placed on a traditional or contemporary style toilet bowl. If you plan on purchasing a traditional Toilet seat with the traditional round seat, you should look for one that features a pull-tab which will allow you to easily remove the contents of the toilet bowl with one hand, allowing you to sit on the seat and flush with the other. Some models will have an additional holding device such as an air dryer or towel rail, which can be a nice feature if you don’t have a pull-tab, but don’t want to sit on the toilet until the contents are completely dry. Air dryers are also a great addition if your model is located in an area where your air conditioning may not be as reliable as it should be.