The Definition of Sport

Sport is defined by Wikipedia as “a popular word used to refer to any of the different types of physical contact sports”, which should include such things as golf, rugby, Australian football, ice hockey, cricket, Australian soccer, American football and lacrosse. A sport can include competitions, championships, sporting awards, public engagements and social events. A common characteristic of all sports is that they require the application of uniform principles in order to provide an equal opportunity to the participants irrespective of age, gender, status or race. A sport can be competitive or non-competitive.


The IHF (International Fencing Association) defines a sport as “an athletic contact sport involving two or more persons”. A sport can be competitive or non-competitive. It could also involve physical contact or a mixture of physical contact and sportmanship. The Olympic Sportsmanship Definition by the IHF defines a sport as “any sport in which the performance of physical tasks is the main aim and participants compete for victory”. A mixture of criteria is also possible for the IHF’s sportbility and athletic definitions of sport. However, other criteria, which are not commonly accepted, such as being a part of a family or being part of a team are not included in this broad definition.

An athlete is not necessarily a participant in a sport but instead refers to someone who participates in an event. Some people believe there are many people who participate in an event but this is not actually the case. The definition should not include people who are engaged in indoor sports competitions such as swimming in a pool or a lake and participating in outdoor events such as track running and triathlon swimming. A participant in an outdoor competition will be considered to be a competitor but it could be a participant if he or she is training for an Olympic event or someone involved in a specific sport for recreational reasons.

Sport refers to any physical activity that is practiced for the purpose of obtaining an advantage over another person in the contest. It may be competitive or non-competitive. For example, some sports may involve skill or a particular physical trait, such as playing baseball while keeping clean. In contrast, non-competitiveness refers to an event that does not require any skill or physical trait.

Competitive and non-competitive definitions of sport are used in different ways. For example, while competitors in games of skill rely on the ability of their brain to beat another, competitors in games of physical activity depend on their bodies to beat each other. While competitors may use sports to improve their body mass and increase their muscular strength, they use it for the sake of competition. Therefore, there is a clear difference between the two definitions.

There are various definitions of sport that were put forth by sporting activities. However, the most recognized is the International Olympic committee’s sport terminology definition. The definition refers to participation in sporting events, which are organized to test participants’ athletic abilities. A sport event may consist of a competition, a relay race, a game, or a competition of speed. The competition must be fair to all, including both competitors and spectators.