TOTO Toilets – Your Ultimate Guide


TOTO Toilets – Your Ultimate Guide

A Toto bathroom mixer is the first ever bathroom to feature a built in bidet, a truly amazing technological breakthrough that really makes for an easy time flushing yourself. With the touch of a button or handheld remote control, you are able to activate numerous comfort features that suit your individual needs. They even have the odd ability to jet water over your back when just sitting on one. But as amazing as all these features are, there are still quite a few more that this brand of designer toilet has to offer.

While the Toto Company has definitely put a lot of time and money into the development of their latest range of designer washcloths and toilet papers, there is no doubt that their high-quality toilets are still ranked as some of the most popular and sought after by consumers the world over. And who can blame them? After all, who wants to use a flushing toilet with aching legs and a painful backside every time they want to go to the toilet? Thankfully, the Toto Company has addressed this major concern by introducing the Master Bidet. This innovative toilet offers you complete control over the flushing of your washcloth. When turned on it will give you the power to decide how much water you wish to squirt – it’s that simple!

Along with the new bidet is the newly introduced Aqua Bath, which uses revolutionary Triton jets that give you the best toto toilet seats in the market. The Aqua Bath also promises to help you to save both water and energy thanks to its super fast heating and cooling systems. It comes with two independent warm and cool technologies that work in tandem to ensure that your wash cloth always has the correct temperature and moisture levels to make cleaning it easy and comfortable. And it doesn’t stop there, with the newly introduced Thermostatic Cooling Technology Triton has developed a unique thermostatic valve that ensures that your water never reaches below the set safe temperature.

The Toto Company has developed the ultimate toto toilet to complement their growing line of ultramax ii bathroom collections. The ultramax ii collection boasts a wide range of toilet designs that has been specifically designed to cater to every person’s unique bathroom needs. As a customer looking to buy one of these collections there are a few things that you should be aware of before making your final purchase. The toilet that you choose should have a proper seat, be of good quality, self flushing, a high quality design, comfortable pressure support and be low maintenance.

Let’s start off with the seat. It is advisable that when you buy your toto toilet seats you should choose a model that has a very comfortable and durable seat for your convenience. Also you would want it to offer good support to your bottom as you flush. Another factor you need to take into consideration before making your final selection is the availability of replacement toilet paper. Some manufacturers only offer a limited amount of toilet paper for the toilet seats, and others allow you to choose from an extensive range of different colors and patterns.

The second thing that is extremely important in a bathroom is its toilet bowl. The toilet bowl is the place where the collected water goes into before being released into the sewer or tap. To help prevent clogs in its bowl the Toilet Block Locator is often used to guide you as you pull out the bowl. In case your toilet gets clogged, it is advised to use the self cleaning toilet water jetting system to clear away any obstructions. If none of these measures work you will find that there are a wide variety of high quality toilet brushes available at reasonable prices that will effectively clean and maintain your toilet bowl and its contents.