TOTO Toilet Seats

Toto is among the leading companies and manufacturers of bathroom products and accessories. Established in 1917, Toto hasn’t less than 100 years worth of expertise in manufacturing and marketing high-end toilets and accessories. In recent times Toto has been responsible for the design of the Washlet, a toilet chair that comes with bidet-style washlets, a heated seat and built in dryers so that you can completely eliminate toilet paper from your home whenever you so choose. The following paragraphs will give some useful information about this famous Japanese company.

Toto originally wanted to design a toilet that would be both functional and beautiful at the same time. The company’s first attempt was a bidet that included a seat and nozzle. The design was not accepted by the American Company DuPont, but they prevailed in the war and were able to sell the designs to them. TOTO was able to continue selling their bidet/toilet chair and later on, a bidet/toilet seat and warmers. DuPont, however, wasn’t satisfied and demanded that Toto remove their warmers from their toilet seats. TOTO refused to remove these and in fact, they have remained to this date.

The Ultramax II is the latest in high-end toilet/toilet seats and the Toto Ultramax II is the best toto toilet that can be found today. This model offers a lot of benefits, mainly that of better quality and reliability. It also includes a self flushing mechanism that makes it the best toto toilet by far. It can flush itself automatically without the need of a motor or electronic timer. Another benefit of this toto seat is that it can hold up to ten gallons of liquid and it comes with a stainless steel construction.

One of the best features of TOTO bidet seats is the heated seat. This is very useful for those who are hard of sitting for long hours as it allows to get rid of the stress and body aches. The heated seat also helps in relieving the pain in your back and legs when you use the TOTO bidet wand. Another benefit of this heated seat is that it is very safe to use as it is able to regulate the temperature depending on the need of the hour. Many people who suffer from low blood pressure use toto toilets as it helps to ease the pressure on their circulatory system.

The TOTO toilet seat also comes with a remote control and a spray wand. The remote control is used to activate and deactivate the water supply as well as activate or deactivate the spray wand. The spray wand is also used to spray the water on the pre-selected areas. The spray wand has an auto shut off feature which means when the wand gets wet, it automatically shuts off. It is designed to save energy as it saves water and electricity when it is in use.

If you are looking for a bathroom suite which is both stylish and durable then look no further as the TOTO range of products is perfect for you. The heated seat and heated toilet tank make using the toilet easy as ever and the remote control is really convenient to use. The lid is quite handy as well. With the help of this lid you can cleanse your toilet easily and without any hassle at all. All in all, the TOTO range of products make your toilet experience a comfortable one.