Types of Competitive Sports

Any definition of sport can be controversial. In simple terms, sport is operationally defined as an organized series of sporting activities involving a group of people as members of teams or as competitors, ordinarily under the form of organized competition. Activities undertaken for the purpose of social entertainment, health and well being or purely for the fun of competition, sport, and/or physical exertion have been operationalized for the purpose of maintaining or enhancing interpersonal relationships, social harmony and cohesion, or for the attainment of specific objectives.

The evolution of sport activities evolved from earlier forms of physical activity, such as hunting and fishing which were engaged in by men for the sake of survival. Later, sports were recognized as an object of recreation. Thus, sport was born when people began to compete to see who could throw the highest ball or run the fastest in a race. Over time, different types of games developed to provide more ways to compete and entertain people. Today, the wide variety of available games and athletic competitions reflects this evolution.

Some basic types of games are bowling, baseball, softball, soccer, golf, tennis, track and field, and swimming and surfing. These were followed by various other games including field hockey, ice hockey, rugby, baseball, softball, basketball, swimming, motorcross, flag football and tennis. Each of these games had a particular purpose as previously mentioned. Today, different games including cheerleading, gymnastics, skating, table tennis, snooker, billiards, and surfing have been developed to provide a variety of physical activities. For instance, table tennis involves throwing the ball over a long table and kicking it back. Sports such as cheerleading involve cheerleaders performing routines and team activities like flag-wagging and chanting.

Different sports provide different level of competition. In games such as soccer and baseball, the playing field is very small. Thus, the skills required to succeed are really basic. On the other hand, games like basketball and softball require great skills and talents.

There are different types of competitive sports depending on what sport you are interested in. For instance, a high school football player on a soccer team would need to possess great agility, speed, and stamina. In contrast, a cyclist needs great upper body strength to prevent them from crashing. Therefore, when choosing a sport, one should determine which type of sport would best suit their personality and lifestyle. It is also necessary to consider how much money they have available to spend on participating in competitive sports.

Even though there are many different types of competitive sports, each sport will always provide individuals with an opportunity to enjoy an activity. Furthermore, playing sport provides an individual with the ability to socialize with other individuals. They can also learn how to overcome certain challenges such as self confidence and determination. Individuals who play sport are usually able to meet new friends and develop lasting friendships.