Who Is Toto?

Toto is an American hard rock band made up of vocalist/singer David Bowie, lead guitarist Bob Dylan, bassist Donavanese Boff, and drummer Richard Swift. The band’s present line up now consists of Robert Plant, David Bowie, Steve McQueen, John Peel, and Warren Moon. The band is popular among the generation of music lovers who were influenced by such bands such as King Records, Mojo Records, and the Beach Boys. It has been twenty five years since Toto released its first album, titled Hotel California. Since then they have been producing and selling an enormous amount of music.


In the novel Hollywood Forever, by Richard Lewis, Toto appears as a character called Alex Cross, who continues to be a member of the band even after it becomes a major success. Although the band itself becomes very successful, some members leave to form their own bands, while others decide to retire to a tropical island. While relaxing on the island, they come across the wizard of Oz, who shows them the magic they need to defeat the evil Glinda, and restore their paradise. Afterward, several of the remaining members decide to perform at the Wizard’s Mountain, to entertain the masses back on earth.

After the credits roll, a flash of light appears on the Tin Man’s head, which is accompanied by his singing. Suddenly, Toto jumps out of the fireplace and into the scene, dressed in his trademark blue suit, carrying a rolled up rug. He is wearing the classic blue dress uniform of the Tin Man, complete with white pants, a white shirt with a blue tie, and his magic wand under his arm. The Tin Man then attacks Toto, knocking him unconscious with a rock. The wizard then escapes to find his grand daughter, Dorothy, who happens to be watching. After finding her, she recognizes him as the wizard she saw earlier in the forest, and they become good friends.

Soon, however, Toto falls ill, and is visited by a glib-nosed wizard named Flutistic. When Toto refuses to partake in the wizard’s plan to destroy the world, Flutistic sends his ugly mugnut Toto (voiced by Frank Oz) to get the Tin Man to join him. Unfortunately, Toto’s eyesight is only temporary, so he has to rely on his magic book to see. Fortunately, the Tin Man is able to read the book, and uses his new eye to see better. After using his magic book, the Tin Man joins Flutistic’s plans to destroy the world. After successfully blowing a hole in the air, and destroying the wicked Glenda, the wizard, along with Toto, flees to the island where he lives.

One year later, however, the Tin Man returns to visit Toto, who tells him that he is not happy living on the island. But Toto ignores his good intentions and decides to build a rocket ship to take him back to his homeland. However, the Tin Man’s plans are ruined when the evil witch Glenda destroys the rocket and Toto falls to the ground. When he recovers, he realizes that he has no magic book, so he cannot go back to earth. Fortunately, Glenda makes a deal with Toto to allow him to live on the island for one night, which he does with his friend Sunbeam.

The two friends eventually become best friends, although they still have their differences and fight constantly. Eventually, though, it is discovered that both of them have good intentions for each other, and that although they may fight constantly, their friendship will always triumph over all. In an episode, Toto transforms into a monster in order to protect Sunbeam, but he ends up changing back when he realizes his good intentions for the poor bird.