How To Choose The Right Toilet Seat For Your Home

Toto, styled as TOTO, is today the largest toilet producer in the world. It was founded in 1917, originally for manufacturing washcloths. The company is now located in Kitakyushu, Japan,and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries worldwide. These facilities manufacture Toto toilet accessories including bathroom and kitchen cleaning accessories. While these accessories do not cost very much, it may be worthwhile to look for deals that include free shipping.


If you are planning to get a new or replacement toilet, it is advisable to look into the range of Toto toilet accessories available. Many of these include toilet brush holders, flushing apparatuses, tissue holders and more. While these items do not cost much, a complete set can help you save on toilet paper, which can accumulate very fast, especially if you do not use the bidet often.

If you are wondering whether a traditional toilet will suffice in your home, then you should consider Toto’s innovative bidet and flush toilets. These toilet fixtures have no bowl at all and are attached to the wall via a flexible hose. When using them, you do not have to stand up, and they offer a lot of comfort. The seat is specially contoured to help you sit in a relaxing position, rather than straight up. You can even adjust the angle to ensure that you do not hurt yourself if you like.

Toto bidet and washlets also come with matching washlets that can be used together. This means that you do not need to buy separate washlets, as one is already included in the package. This is an important feature if you live alone or share the bathroom with others.

You can also purchase a special chrome frame to attach to the sink. Chrome frames are usually available in three colours – silver, chrome, or black. If you want a very modern look, then you can opt for a stainless steel frame. The special chrome frame has a clear window in the middle that shows all the washlet workings, which looks great against any decor. The Toto Sanagloss Sanitaire is also made from chrome, and comes with a matching chrome washlet that has a clear window in the centre.

The Toto Sanagloss Professional, TOTO Superiors Platinum Plus, TOTO Superiors Ultramax, TOTO Supra-Lite, TOTO Ultramax Plus, and TOTO Traveler are all specially designed toilet seats. Each of these offers a different blend of comfort and luxury. For example, the TOTO Supra-Lite has a very soft seat that is especially designed to help reduce stress while washing. The TOTO Traveler also has a very comfortable seat and a low back that is low enough to prevent strain. The TOTO Supra-Lite has the most powerful vacuum system, which is perfect for cleaning up any mess and getting out all the stains.