The Meaning of Toto

Meaning. Toto means “dagger horse”. In Portuguese, it means “fierce, strong”. It’s also known as a Manila horse, which is a native name of the rubber tree. Example: Toto, a horse in Spanish is called Manila.


Meanings. In Japanese, Toto means “bitter taste”. This can probably be related to the Toto tree which grows in Japan. If so, the meaning may be “revilation, resentment”.

Other meanings: Toto means “wild boar” in Japanese. According to some tribal traditions, toto also means “one horn” or “one horned horse”. Also, a toto in Kama sutra is referred to as the horn of abundance. The meaning of toto can also mean “a male into female”.

What Does Toto Mean? According to the dictionary, Toto means “one horn” in Japanese. Now, if you think about it, Toto is not only a horn, it’s a horse too! So, what does “one horn” in Japanese really mean? It means to be strong and brave and to excel in something.

It’s interesting to note that Toto means “one horn” in other languages too. For example, in Chinese, Toto means “one horned horse”. And in Hindi, Toto means “one horn”. In Finnish, it’s referred to as an ox, while in Lithuanian, a toto is called a raskos. These names obviously must be referring to a single animal, in addition to being male. These names are similar to that of the word Toto in Japanese.

When was it first used in English? I’m not sure. We do have examples of the meaning in the New Testament, such as in Acts 15:1-2. But, as far as I know, this is the only place where the meaning of toto is known.

According to Native American mythology, Toto is the spirit of the Ogresses. In some Native American tribes, the Ogresses were giants who roamed the earth and stole the supplies of vegetation. The story describes Toto as a powerful and terrible giant who lives in the dark forest. In the legends, he’s also the father of the Great Indian Woman, Tala, and the Thunderbird.

As far as European mythology is concerned, the meaning of toto varies. It’s often interpreted as meaning “eternity” or “eternity spelled backwards”. In other words, it’s believed to stand for the natural order or cycle of things, or it might be interpreted as a reminder that we’re still young and need to live young. It’s also believed to be a pun on the word eternus, which means “young plant or tree”.

If you’re wondering what the significance of toto is today, you’ll probably never need to wonder again. Today, toto is one of the most popular languages in the world. There are over 47 million fluent Toto speakers across the globe. In addition, Toto is a strong second language to Spanish in South America. If you’re looking to learn more about the history of toto and the many different ways it can be used in today’s world, there are several excellent online sources that have a wealth of information on the matter. For example, you can read books about the history of Toto, listen to podcasts about the language, and even take online classes from native speakers.