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To “towel off” something means to wipe it off. In other words, to towel off the effects of the poison, illness, or accident. To do this, use the verb in toto when you wish to a more casual way to state the action. You may come across in toto in a legal document, a play, or a book, or perhaps you would like to describe how you took down all the school papers in toto. The verb in toto is also used to indicate the action of washing something. In that case, use the word wash to indicate the action.


Some people, including some of the Tin Man characters from the Tin Men series, use the word toto to indicate a person’s place of origin. For example, the protagonist of the TV show Tin Woman (actress Jennifer Aniston) uses toto a lot to describe her home life, and she uses it to express her desire to be like her mother (the real Tin Woman). Many Japanese people who are familiar with Tin Woman slang use toto to describe a place where they come from, as in Tokyo Girls – a popular anime TV series.

Even the writers of the Harry Potter books kept in mind the popularity of toto. Because they wanted to make the world of magic realistic, they gave descriptions of “Wands” and “Tooks” that were indeed analogues to real human words, like towel and trousers. Thus toto appeared in the world of literary language very early on, long before the Tin Man ever graced the stage. Today, the term toto still has a place in toto circles.

Despite its close resemblance to the ubiquitous towel, the toto is now finding new uses in many hotels around the world. Many hotels now provide customers with a free towel upon arrival, which they then use to wrap themselves in. The hotel also may provide towels and robes for guests to purchase upon arrival, and then these towels can be returned to the establishment if they are not used. These towels may also be laundered in hotel facilities instead of taking them outside to be hand-washed by guests.

In high-class hotels throughout the world, toto products are also used as decorative items. Some of the more common toto decorations include clocks, vases, picture frames, and wall hangings. Hotel lobbies often have pictures of the hotel, or sometimes of the local area taken by a camera, mounted on the walls. Some resorts even have pictures of scenery taken by skiers in the area, which may be shown in the in-house videos that are distributed to guests upon arrival.

Because toto paper comes in such a wide variety of colors, textures, and designs, it is commonly seen in interior design. Interior designers use toto paper for creating wallpaper and as borders on photos and paintings. It can even be used to create backgrounds for paintings, though this practice is not common in most other venues. Because of its high-class quality and popularity in other venues, toto paper is generally reserved for very special events, like weddings or parties.