Sport and Physical Fitness


Sport and Physical Fitness

“Sport” is an increasingly vague term that covers a multitude of sporting activities. “Sport” was first used in English in 1825, and according to Merriam Webster it means “an athletic, gymnastic, or sporting activity; a pastime”. “Sport” also means “a set of practices designed for the development of one or more of the faculties mentioned above.” Thus “sport” covers a wide range of activities. Sport can be broadly divided into three main types: competitive sport; sport for fun or recreation; and non-sport, which includes trade sports and informal pursuits such as horse riding, canoeing and fishing.

“Sport peppers” is a term sometimes used to describe any variety of hot dog topped with different toppings. Typical sport peppers include: hot Chicago, bean bomb, collard, Texas Style and Jamaican Blue. These peppers are native to Central and South America and are now grown in other tropical regions as well, including the Caribbean and Hawaii. In some countries, sport peppers are eaten as part of a hearty breakfast. The hot dog industry is a major industry in Mexico and the Caribbean.

The hot dog industry has made use of the Brazilian fruit to produce ‘perrubes’, or spheres of fruit covered with a layer of hot dog sauce. These spoons are then sold to consumers who enjoy them as a hot dog treat. Although they are eaten on a regular basis, they have recently been adopted by the American sports market and now enjoy a shelf life comparable to many imported products. They are also catching on with the growing youth culture in the U.S. and Europe. In some cities, street vendors have started selling sport peppers in response to a need for healthy, nutritious snacks.

In response to a rise in consumption of imported Brazilian fruit, manufacturers are coming up with more nontraditional uses for pickled sport peppers. In San Francisco, for example, specialty stores have begun selling pickled Brazil salsas, pickled juice, pickled chilies and even pickled garlic. In fact, many chefs have turned their backs on deep-fried food, opting instead for fresh, raw ingredients. Even fast food companies have jumped on the bandwagon, offering grilled chicken, Brazil nuts and even flavored popcorn.

Sport may not be the sole explanation for the rise in sports-related merchandise. Modern pop culture is also playing a large role, especially in regard to figure skating, baseball and football. As figure skaters become celebrities, their photographs are used in television ads, skateboarding magazines and in sporting goods. While their popularity hasn’t waned, their images have been transplanted into the minds and bodies of sport enthusiasts everywhere.

Aside from the rise of world-famous athletes, the correlation between sport and physical fitness has also increased. The NBA, NFL and other professional sports leagues are now holding training camps and provide athletes with physical therapy and nutritional advice. Professional figure skaters have also gained high profiles in recent years due to their association with extreme sports such as figure skating, ice hockey and bobsled racing. While there may be some correlation between these athletes and their ability to overcome physical obstacles and maintain a competitive edge, the association football league and its players have established a clear connection. These professionals use their skills on a daily basis to maintain physical fitness and shape.