Physical Exertion Is Not the Main Feature of Sport

Sport is a general or generic term referring to an array of human endeavors involving physical strength or skill. Some examples of popular sports are ice skating, motor-car racing, diving, gymnastics, golf, tennis, swimming, weightlifting, cricket, surfing, track and field and racing. The games and events mentioned here are representative of a diversity of athletic disciplines and activities.


Physical Fitness In sports, the purpose is to enhance and maintain an athlete’s physical fitness. This means improving an individual’s endurance and speed, resistance to injury and flexibility. It also means dealing with the stress of competition and enduring effort. In many sports, improving one’s physical fitness also means reducing the amount of time one is out of action due to injuries. This is called rehabilitation and is an integral part of the training of athletes.

verdicts The verdict is in! In most cases, once the competition season ends, the teams and players return to their respective homes to rest, recuperate and focus on building their next game or challenge. But some sports can last months or even years and this is where the real work is at. Recovering from injuries, building strength and conditioning, building stamina, learning new skills and competing against stronger opponents are all part of the process. The next challenge awaits the remaining competitors in the next sport season.

Sportsmanship In sports where there is no doubt that the winner is the person with the highest score, there is still the need for fair play. This is not always easy, as many would expect, especially if both contestants are using the same skill or if one is a natural born competitor while the other is not. There are many ways to play fair, such as not taking undue advantages of the less skilled opponent, respecting their own rights and not manipulating the rules. A sport is not only based on talent or physical ability; it is also based on sportsmanship, which requires personal respect, a sense of fairness and a desire to learn from your mistakes.

Skill vs. Fitness Most people would consider sport and exercise to be synonymous with each other, but they are actually very different. Exercise is primarily used to improve strength and improve endurance while sport is primarily used to engage in athletic exertion. While both require physical exertion, sport requires more skill than fitness. This is where sportsmanship comes into play.

Sport relies more on skill than physical skill. It is much more important to engage in skill than in physical skill. Physical skill is very important to engage in sports and contest, but when the contest is won by a skillful competitor, it is not really won by physical skill but by skill plus strategy. So to gain as much as possible from each contest, it is essential to understand the differences between sport and exercise and engage in both skill and physical exertion.