Why TOTO Toilets Is a Great Investment

The brand name of Toto is a Japanese term that means, “handloom.” The name was given to the company by the American businessman and entrepreneur Louis Sullivan. TOTO was founded by Sullivan, who had established a textile manufacturing company in New York City. In an effort to create a higher quality of cloth, he moved his manufacturing company to Nairobi, Kenya, where he established a factory.


TOTO Ltd., styled as TOTO, is today the world’s largest textile manufacturer. It was founded in 1917 and is most famous for creating the Washlet and other derivative products. The company is now based in Kitakyushu, Japan and has manufacturing facilities in nine countries worldwide. In addition to household toilet fixtures, TOTO produces bathroom towels, bedding, shower curtains, wall-mounted and overhead bath vanities, wash basins, toilet seats, hand rails, soap dispensers and other accessories.

The company’s line of products includes a variety of accessories to compliment any bathroom design and style. Accessories range from floor mats to mirror holders to towel racks. Among the most popular items are their smart toilets, which are long-lasting, space-saving and environmentally friendly. TOTO’s smart-toilet has a single curved shape that allows a user to sit on top without needing a stool. It features a concealed trap, which prevents waste and water from backing out of the trap.

The patented dual-flush feature enables users to turn the flushing system off or on the fly. This saves water and energy, which help to conserve household expenses. When the flush is turned on, less water is used and energy is saved. As a result, the average household is able to save at least 20% on their monthly water consumption costs.

The company’s latest innovation, the double cyclone toilet model, also saves water. A user can easily turn off the flushing system whenever they want to go to the toilet. They only need to open the flushing control, which has a button located on the toilet model, instead of on the wall. The double cyclone toilet models save money in several ways. First, a homeowner does not need to buy a separate toilet bowl with a tank and spout. Secondly, these models take less water to use than the typical one-piece toilet models, which saves money on water consumption over time.

TOTO is not the only manufacturer to produce innovative, space-saving and more environmentally friendly products in recent years. Eureka! Shower and Toilet Company have developed an innovative, elongated, non-bumpy, non-marring, non-scratchy toilet seat. This toilet seat has a standard height, but is extended to give the user a wider, easier to clean sitting experience. For added comfort, Eureka!