A Study in Miracles – The Secret Life of TOTO by David Suzuki

Toto (or “Totopos” pronounced to tot’ pot-to-pot-o) is a legendary figure from the mythology of Central and South America. The name is taken from the Spanish word “toto” which means “wild thing”. According to legend, the beautiful young woman from the story is saved from slavery to a slave ship by a slaver who names her “Toto”. The story goes that she follows the path of a snake called a totor, who leads Toto through many perilous situations, until finally he falls in love with her.


Toto is trained by an indigenous tribe of uncontacted islands on the Pacific Ocean, called the Tubas. He is always willing to go out into the forest and look for berries and small animals. He was trained to speak and to sign, and to cook food by standing over a fire. (On some occasions, he was even asked to bake bread). When the Tubas first discovered Toto, he was so fascinated by them that he followed them into their caves and brought them back with him as his apprentice.

Toto lived with the Tubas for several years, learning many different aspects of life from them, including hunting, fishing, building shelter, and farming. The people of the Tubas regarded Toto as their most accomplished and respected member of their tribe, because he was so good at everything he did. Toto respected all of the rules of the tribe and obeyed them wholeheartedly. Many of the Tubas considered Toto to be their greatest white intellectual ever.

The legend says Toto would sometimes appear in a form of an animal, but always in a friendly manner. One day, Toto, without warning, put a curse on his master for not completing his mission. The Tubas threw rocks at Toto, but he only laughed and ignored them. Finally, they realized what Toto had done and broke their curse.

In modern times, Toto is respected throughout South America. In the Amazonian rainforests, Toto is revered as the keeper of magic and knowledge. Many modern tribes are driven by magical beliefs and practices, even though they live far from the city life of the outside world. Many of these tribes do not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco. They believe firmly that through proper training and meditation, magic will be able to help them solve many of life’s problems.

Today, Toto continues to serve as a mentor to many young people who wish to become like him. Anyone who asks about Toto’s” SECRET” is most probably not a genuine student. Toto continues to live in his native village and travels throughout his country. People from all over the world continue to seek out the “icts” that Toto believes can help them with their problems. For a long time, Toto has been preparing others to fulfill his words of wisdom. You can definitely learn more about Toto’s “icts” by following him on his website or asking others who have been inspired by him.