How a TOTO Heated Toilet Seat and Bowl Can Increase the Value of Your Home


How a TOTO Heated Toilet Seat and Bowl Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Toto is a Japanese based company that specializes in bathroom accessories. It is known worldwide for producing the most luxurious toilet products in the world. In fact, a wide variety of toilet collections are available from the brand. It all began in 1917 and is now located in Kitakyushu, Japan.

The toto brand, stylized as TOTO, has the distinction of producing the most luxurious toilet seats in the market today. It is also known for creating the Washlet and other derivative products. The company currently has production facilities in nine different countries across Asia, including China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

The company’s most recent innovation, the heated toilet seat, is becoming one of the most innovative bathroom products on the market today. This unique innovation makes use of the same heated towel rails that were previously used to warm towels when not in use, but also acts as a warming element for the user. When the seat is heated, it begins to emit infrared heat which is perfect for those who may be suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes. The raised edge of the seat also allows users to wipe themselves clean when using the toilet without having to sit on the toilet seat. These heated toilet seats can also be programmed to increase or decrease the temperature.

While TOTO is certainly one of the leading companies when it comes to bathroom accessories, the Japanese company also has developed and produced other amazing innovations that are designed to benefit the owner as well as the bathroom user. The two-piece bathroom set, for example, has two pieces that come with individually controlled temperature controls so that both the user and the bathroom can be kept at comfortable temperatures. These two pieces of innovative technology are also responsible for the company’s creation of the superbly designed watersense thermostat.

WaterSense, as this thermostat is called, uses two probes that are placed on the bottom of the toilet paper to determine the temperature of the water. When the bottom of the paper is heated, the probe below it signals the heating unit to activate. Users no longer have to worry about being burned by overly heated toilet paper or risking electrocution when cleaning their bathrooms. It’s a truly remarkable technology and one that truly increase the comfort and usability of Japanese toilets.

A TOTO toilet seat and heated toilet bowl will also increase the overall value of your home. Not only will it increase its value drastically, but it will also increase your homeowners’ resale value. With this innovation, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing time in the bathroom, while adding to the aesthetics of the entire house. In fact, many buyers are choosing to purchase homes with integrated TOTO elements. Not only is it an excellent investment but it’s a great addition to the home.