Easy Ways to Prepare A Tuscany Meal


Easy Ways to Prepare A Tuscany Meal

To many of us a toto is an ordinary dessert that we enjoy having when we have some friends over for a dinner party or a special occasion. For the locals in Italy this toto may not be a traditional past time but instead one of the popular delicacies on their menu. It originated during the 13th century in the region of Tuscany in Italy and is now a very traditional type of Italian desserts. The origin of toto can be traced back to a wheat-based barley bread which was found in the Italian town of Genoa.

In toto a sweet white dessert made from eggs, flour, sugar, butter, cream and mascarpone. In its modern version it’s usually enjoyed out in the open. It contains anise seeds, dried cherries, raisins and dates and when combined all these ingredients to make a thick and syrupy pudding which is then served with vanilla ice cream. This dessert is not only served at Italian restaurants but also in cafes, bakeries, catering firms, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and homes.

There are many versions of toto. Traditionally the Italian cooks used a white fondant to make the topping and a dark egg yolk to dip it in. In modern times people tend to use both egg yolk and white sugar. A toto is not only popular in Tuscany but also in the rest of the country. A traditional Tuscany meal would have a variety of toto dishes including rice with meat, seafood, vegetable and pear sauce. Another popular Tuscany dish is scampi alla Romana which is a sheep’s milk soup with ingredients like potatoes, mushrooms, cream and cheese added to it.

Traditionally the filling of a toto is made from semolina, buckwheat, fenugreek seeds and chopped apricots. However, nowadays you can also find a variety of fillings, some of which are dates, cheese, mascarpone and almond paste. You could also experiment with different combinations of ingredients to create your own unique toto.

To make the best toto, it needs to be baked in the toto pan on a low temperature. You can bake the toto for up to twenty minutes or more depending on your personal preference. A toto which has been browned before baking is better cooked with the right amount of butter to compensate for the toto browning. You could also bake the toto in the oven or use the conventional oven to cook it. This way you will get to eat toto that tastes just as good as if it had been cooked on the stove.

To finish off the toto, top with mascarpone and enjoy. The traditional way of eating a Tuscany meal is by sampling the complimentary salads which are usually accompanied with either the Tuscany egg dish or the toto. Another idea is to top your salads with sliced or grated pecorino to give a tasty treat to accompany your toto. I would recommend serving your Tuscany meal with a glass of wine and a slice of cheesecake.