TOTO Toilets, Of Your Own Making

TOTO (Tokyo Overboard Oster), stylized as TOTO, is Japan’s largest toilet brand. It was established in 1917 and is widely known for creating the Washlet and many other derivative products. The company is currently based in Kitakyushu, Japan, where it manufactures most of its products. TOTO’s business strategy is centered on the concept of “cycles.” Every toilet needs to be made out of a number of different parts that need to be assembled into a single complete unit. In order to accomplish this, TOTO has developed its own system of producing each part.


The TOTO toilet bowl assembly uses four main components: the toilet bowl, the seat base, the trap, and the spring. The seat base and trap are attaching to the floor using a series of metal rods. This assembly is then fastened to a rack, which holds all of the individual parts in place and protects them from damage during use. The seat base is made out of thick acrylic plastic and has an integrated pump. To use the washer, one must attach it to the seat base using the appropriate screws and glue.

The TOTO drum is what creates the sound of the toilet flushing. It contains two magnetized aluminum cones, which emit waves when the user pushes the button that rotates a clutch drum. All of the parts go together to create a smooth, comfortable feel under the colon. One of the most popular models manufactured by TOTO is the TOTO Drake 2-piece 1.6 gpf single flush elongated bathroom seat with Free Ship push/pull button/alarm and Free Ship pull-up release.

When used as a portable restroom, TOTO’s lightweight, waterproof construction is their greatest advantage. It makes transporting a TOTO single flush elongated toilet in white or any color of choice much easier than most brands. A customer can take it with him or her to a water park or to a friend’s house without worry of damaging the vehicle.

TOTO also makes other quality toilet fixtures such as free-standing bowls for drinking water or holding water bottles and pads. Other toilet fixtures include sanagloss toilets, which are made with ceramic glaze, a special reinforced liner, a durable cover, and sturdy seats. Other models have two seats and include a waste basket, countertop, bench, and waste container. The toto sanagloss series even comes with a sink and bar sink.

Some of the products sold by TOTO include high quality sinks and bars, free ship corrugated boxes, a sanagloss for drinking water, and a large variety of high quality bags, hooks, and towel holders. While there may be higher prices to buy TOTO products, there is also a great customer service reputation that can make the cost more worth your while. It’s worth paying that little bit extra to have a company like TOTO to look after all the hard work when you need to ship your own goods. It’s really worth it.