Importance of Wellness in Maintaining Good Health

Health is a condition of mind, physical and emotional well being in which infirmity and illness are absent. A number of definitions have been utilized over the years for different medical purposes. Common to all of them is the idea that health is the result of a balance between the mind, body and spirit. The first step in achieving health is to choose one’s own mind, body and spirit and engage in positive mental and physical activities to maintain balance.


The second step in this definition of health is to make a positive choice of a positive attitude towards life. A mind that is positive and optimistic is one that looks forward to positive events instead of dwelling on the negative. A positive attitude in all aspects of life is necessary to achieve the goal of health. The third definition of health is an absence of disease or sickness in the person.

Being healthy does not imply an absence of disease or infirmity; on the contrary, absence without disease is regarded as the prefect remedy for a healthy and productive life. Disease can neither be avoided nor ignored. It is the effect of an invading agent that damages the body either intentionally or negligently. In the absence of illness there is no physical health. A person is considered mentally and physically healthy when he has a sound mind, a clear body and good health.

Health is the state of complete well-being arising from a healthy physical environment. Mental health problems arise when mental stresses exceed threshold levels. Mental well-being is the sum of mental, social and physical factors. It is the outcome of favorable circumstances, experiences and environments. The absence of any of these components results in poor mental health.

A healthy physical environment is one that provides a sense of belonging, relaxation, security and control. The feeling of control fosters creative thinking and promotes self-awareness. A healthy environment is one that encourages and facilitates an active life style that helps you to grow and mature while avoiding illness.

Illness is a direct result of poor lifestyle, poor diet, lack of exercise and too much emotional and mental stress. There is no disease-free world; everybody gets sick and suffers from illness at some point of time in life. Illness is inevitable and the only way to avoid getting sick is to maintain a good health. Maintaining a healthy physical and mental health is very essential for overall health.