What Are Wellness And Its Application?


What Are Wellness And Its Application?

Health is a condition where sickness and infirmity are completely absent. There are different meanings given to the term ‘health’. The dictionary defines it as the condition that is being achieved after all the physiological changes have been made to maintain the normal functioning of an organism. Different definitions have also been employed over the years for different purposes. Some of these definitions are explained below.

A definition of Good Health can be seen in the definition of the Universal Declaration of the Nations. It says, “A state of adequate and necessary medical care and hygiene, including nutrition, is ensured for all subjects born of human beings”. According to this declaration, good health is indispensable for the full development of mankind. So, we can say that health is a condition that is being achieved by various measures such as the provision of necessary resources, the promotion of education, the availability of health services, etc. The above-mentioned definition of Good Health could be considered as the ultimate definition of health.

There are many other definitions of Good Health. One of them is “the state of complete well-being with no cause for sickness or serious injury”. Another one is “health is the well being of the body and mind of a person”. Another prominent definition of health is “health means the measure of capacity for improvement of the conditions of life”. One other definition of health is “the sum total of all beneficial life processes”. All the definitions of health suggest that there is a close connection between health and prosperity.

The measurement of health is an important process because it has a profound effect on your physical and mental well being. A poor health status will have a devastating effect on the prospects of a person. In this context, the concept of SIDS is important. The concept of SIDS helps us understand why the overall health status is important and not just a minor factor.

The concepts of Good Health, SIDS, and overall well-being go hand in hand. The main determinants of well being are good nutrition, regular exercise, controlled blood sugar levels, reduced risk of cancer and other diseases, avoidance of occupational hazards, and avoidance of other diseases. The causes of death are also determined by these determinants. For example, a reduction in lung function can cause death through smoking and other tobacco products. Therefore, there are several determinants of well being.

The above-mentioned definition of Wellness and the concepts related to it are important in defining what wellness means to different people. Some people may find it difficult to subscribe to this definition because they feel that a concept like Wellness should be associated with a specific culture. It might be true that some cultures have strong definitions of wellness and mental health but the truth is, wellness has become a universal concept and it can be applied to all cultures and lifestyles. It is important to apply the definition of wellness to everyone so that they can perceive wellness in a common way. This will help prevent the lack of perspective on wellness between various cultures.