Books on Self Development – Guidelines on Effective Content Writing for E-A-T Affiliates

We all know that we should eat before we get into the office. It’s a good idea to eat a big meal first thing in the morning and then have a smaller one later in the day. We all have the urge to grab something to eat when we first wake up in the morning. However, I don’t think anyone really eats when they first wake up. Sometimes I’ll eat an apple and then eat some toast or a cracker, but other times I’ll snip a piece of paper and eat it as I’m drinking my coffee.

Let me give you a real life example. About a month ago I was looking through some old things in the attic. I found a couple of books on some self-development topics. When I went to the website I was searching for the e-books, it had the phrase “buy here” right in it. When I clicked on that link, I got an advertisement for “Books on Self-Development”.

So here’s what I learned from the search quality Evaluator guidelines. The phrases “Books on Self Development” and “Buy here” are phrases that people use when they are looking for a particular product. That’s why it is important to rank for those words instead of just using generic phrases like “Learning Tools”. The problem with the generic term “Learning Tools” is that it will probably be interpreted as an e-book on productivity. When someone types in those words into a search engine, they are going to get a bunch of websites that provide information on productivity and the like.

Therefore, the search engine guidelines state that a website should only have the main content. This means that the authors should write only the main content for their website. It also means that the website should not contain any affiliate links to other sites. I agree that there is some leeway here, as long as the content is useful to the visitors and it contains valuable information. However, if the website is stuffed with affiliate links, it is pointless to have the content and it becomes a distraction for the visitors.

Therefore, I was not surprised that Amazon placed “Books on Self Development” at the very bottom of its page in the form of a blog post. The reason why it is placed at the bottom is because it has the lowest authority. As a result, Amazon is placing its blogs in a high position on the Google core search results. Therefore, when someone searches for “Books on Self-Development”, it will take them a long time to find this page. On top of that, the blog post contains only the affiliate links and the blog post is nothing more than pure text.

Therefore, in my opinion, if a website wants to remain on top of the “Books on Self Development” and “Work at Home Ideas” category, it should provide good value for its visitors. Then it should only have links to related websites or informational articles. Otherwise, it is pointless to have the website because it will only be a distraction for the visitors. Therefore, these guidelines should help you a lot in following these guidelines for publishing “Books on Self-Development and Work at Home Ideas”.