What Is The Purpose of Fashion Week?

Fashion is the art of dressing and being in style. It is the analysis of the current cultural trends and the use of clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, style, and personal identification in identifying certain personalities or attires. In a certain context and at a certain time, fashion is actually an act of autonomy and self-expression in a certain setting and with a certain intention. In its broadest sense, the word also implies a general appearance defined as what is trendy by the fashion industry.


The major players in the game of fashion are the fashion designers who are responsible for conceptualizing new trends, bringing them to reality, and making their appearance familiar to the general public. Other contributing designers are the fashion merchandisers who distribute the designs created by these fashion designers to buyers. Fashion houses and brands are the main patrons of such designers who wear fashion. The main activities involve in the business of fashion include producing, marketing, and advertising fashion wear.

The term ‘what is the point of fashion is to casual wear’ can be used to define what many designers consider the purpose of fashion. Fashion designers usually categorize clothes based on the fact that they are either to be worn casually or formally. Casual wears include jeans, T-shirts, casual shirts, sweatpants, slacks, dress pants, and sportswear.

Formal wear on the other hand includes dresses, suits, trousers, skirts, blazers, and jackets. The reason behind the separation is that fashion trends are continuously evolving. Based on what is the point of fashion, the designers make efforts to change the fashion week according to the demands of the market. The need to update the fashion trends helps them meet the demands of the buyers. The same applies to those manufacturers who produce clothing. They need to be updated with the latest designs in order to gain sales and maintain a competitive edge among competitors in the clothing industry.

Fashion designers also play an important role when it comes to educating consumers about the necessities and reasons why clothing is worn. It is through this that fashion becomes a language that appeals to all types of people. Fashion education is also essential as the public become more fashion conscious. They want to be updated with the latest in order to stay abreast of the changing trends. The design of a piece of clothing has a significant influence on its appeal especially for younger people. What is the point of fashion, if young people hardly ever see it?

The goal of every magazine is to be relevant to its readers and this can be achieved by publishing what is the point of fashion. Fashion magazines offer editors-in-chief jobs. An editor-in-chief’s job is to handle the responsibilities of a writer as well as conduct interviews and discussions with fashion experts, fashion designers, fashion consultants and other experts in the field of fashion. A fashion editor-in-chief’s duties include preparing the materials needed by the magazine in order to publish the magazine. The editor-in-chief should be able to pick the right pictures that will fit the theme of the fashion week column.