Fashion Design and What it Tells Us

Fashion has been changing ever since the Renaissance and is currently taking center stage in the fashion scene. The Renaissance influenced all aspects of European society, fashion included, and fashion designing has made its mark on history. The Renaissance was a time of great expansion and power for all aspects of European society. Many of the rules of the time still apply today and fashion is influencing our lives even today.

Much of the Renaissance thought and writing is applied to fashion today and the influence is still seen today. Just as in the past, fashion changes dramatically according to the times. People’s ideas about fashion are constantly changing and new fashions hit the market every day. The Renaissance period may be long gone but the ideas that brought it about are still with us. These ideas have influenced all facets of European society and fashion design.

Fashion design can be traced back to the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations, but its roots can be found back to the start of civilization. Fashion is considered a way of expressing oneself through the clothes they wear. The Romans would dress up like kings and queens, and Greeks would dress down. They would use fashion as a way to express themselves and to make a statement. This is why we see so many fashion designers today.

Today fashion designs cover all walks of life. The younger generation isn’t afraid to show off their bodies and embrace fashion, while the older generations tend to prefer to keep their clothes very conservative. We live in a world where appearance is everything, and if you don’t look or feel good enough, you are sure to be judged harshly. Thankfully, there is more than just skin deep fashion to choose from.

Fashion designers are finding new ways to make their clothing appealing to the masses. This is done by looking at current trends, observing what people in general are buying, and coming up with something new and unique that everyone will love. One of the hottest trends right now is shoes. Designers are working hard to create shoes that not only look fabulous on the feet, but are very comfortable as well. One example of this is the sandal with the straps, which is designed to give the “shine” that the skin shoes offer while preventing the skin from becoming irritated by walking on a slippery surface.

Although fashion is often looked down upon for being superficial and of no real value, it is something that has helped shape our society. Without the fashion and beauty industry, many of our entertainment options wouldn’t even exist. Today, when you walk into a room there is almost always some form of fashion visible. Most of us can’t imagine life without it.