Determining Health Conditions

Health is a condition of mental, physical and emotional well being in which infirmity and illness are absent. The objective of health is to maintain health and the welfare of the individual person is primary. It is not only the absence of disease that shows the physical health but also the presence of good health practices.

The determinants of health status are present at birth or at some point during life. These determinants may include the physical aspects such as size and strength, but they also encompass social aspects such as the family’s health and safety, the neighborhood’s security and the educational opportunities. The determinants of health status are more complex in nature and include some properties of behavior, habits and genetics.

The determinants of overall health are influenced by the determinants of physical well-being such as height, weight, muscle strength, and cardiovascular capacity. Mental aspects include the ability to concentrate, memory, intelligence, mood, emotional well-being and motivation. The determinants of mental health are influenced by genetic, hormonal, neurological, social and ecological factors. On the other hand, the determinants of physical health are based on the determinants of body mass index, blood pressure, sleeping habits and eating habits. There are also environmental factors such as smoking, ultraviolet radiation exposure and sunlight exposure that affect health.

In addition, the determinants of health status are affected by changes in lifestyle and the environment. One can alter his or her health status by altering his or her lifestyle through diet, exercise, and work. This change in lifestyle is associated with the increasing prevalence of numerous health conditions. Changing one’s lifestyle is associated with the occurrence of numerous health conditions in the process.

The determinants of health status may be difficult to change, especially if they are ingrained in the lifestyle of an individual for years. In such cases, public health care is necessary. Public health care offers a comprehensive approach to addressing health issues. It includes a system of primary and secondary health care, covering all categories of health and preventing health issues by addressing the determinants of health conditions.

Primary health care addresses determinants of physical well-being, such as weight and height, and takes into account the physical environment. Secondary health care addresses determinants of mental well-being, including depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorders, and takes into account the social environment. Prevention refers to the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle by taking preventive measures and avoiding certain physical and mental illnesses. Prevention is an act or a series of activities intended to keep the body healthy. It is an action taken to protect against diseases and its consequences.