The 19th Century Fashion Trends

The popularity of fashion has spread to the people’s daily lives and there are a lot of factors that affect its popularity. One of those factors is its flexibility with age. Fashion varies according to the season, making it a part of a young or old’s life regardless of their age. It even exists among the older generation and maintains their interest in fashion regardless of their gender.


The popularity of fashion is due to its ability to offer variety to both men and women. In fact, many fashions from the past have become classics that most people prefer to wear despite the current fashion trends. Some examples of these fashions are dresses, suits, long coats, and boots. Fashion is a subjective aesthetic expression in a certain time and place and for a certain era, particularly in clothing, shoes, fashion, haute couture, accessories, hairstyles, and body shapes, especially during a high fashion period.

A notable period which brought about a significant change in fashion is the late nineteenth century. This was the period when high fashion was introduced and most people were suddenly exposed to new and unique clothes. During this time, women wanted to look elegant and beautiful; thus, they wore new clothes and accessories to make them look more attractive and appealing. One of the most unique designs at this time is ladies’ dress, which were originally white, long, dresses, with puffed sleeves and tight-fitting bodices. However, as time passed by, other colors and materials were added to the dress, making it more fashionable and acceptable to the middle class.

High fashion also brought about changes in clothes such as jeans, which became longer and slimmer to make the wearer look slimmer and sexier. Women’s clothing also underwent several transformations; for example, a woman wearing a short skirt and blouse before had an unfashionable appearance, but by wearing these clothes in the late nineteenth century, the undesirable figure shape was removed and the clothing became fashionable. Women’s dresses during the late nineteenth century are not only fashionable but also comfortable, as they were designed with pleats and elastic bands to allow free movement.

Another major fashion trend during the late nineteenth century is the semi-permanent garments, which gave a brand new meaning to fashion. These were like undergarments that were both fashionable and comfortable, allowing people to freely move their arms and legs without the need for trousers. This type of apparel were called semi-permanent, because they can easily be switched into semi-permanent clothing during the day. The first of these semi-permanent clothes was pajamas, which were worn not only by working women but by students and women who didn’t want to spend much time in front of the mirror everyday. After several years, these pajamas were replaced by nightgowns and dresses which are much more comfortable and even considered as a form of slippers.

The nineteenth century fashion trends gave birth to different types of tailors and made it easier to accessorize. For instance, instead of having to wear ribbons to tie around the neck, they simply had to wear neck chains. Also, instead of wearing socks, men and women started to wear mittens that are considered to be more stylish than socks, and are now part of the fashion trends. While this type of clothing did not stay the same during the early twentieth century, it sure has transformed into something that is still trendy, and at the same time, comfortable.