The Incredible Tin Man

To toto is a word that means “to be” and “off”. In Latin, the suffix form of words like into means both (out to) and (to). It’s frequently used as an adverb after the main verb to describe something which precedes it, such as a statement that mentions the current state of the universe. It can also be used as a filler, such as a term which describes the action of knocking out a ceiling fan or turning off the light in the bathroom during the night.

As well as describing the action of washing your hands (toward the toilet), toto can be used to indicate something that should happen. For example, to clean the toilet or to wipe your face is to toto, but if you wipe your face with something else, such as a washcloth or a handkerchief, then it’s towel. You can use toto to indicate that something is done: “wash your face”, “use a washcloth to dry yourself”, “use a handkerchief to dry your hair”, “put away your brush in the washbin”. “To wash your face” can be adapted to “wash your face” by replacing the word “in” with “out”.

To do this, just write down what you want to do before you do it (don’t forget to add the object as a noun and use the words washcloth or handkerchief interchangeably) and then write down whatever you’re going to do (don’t forget to add the word bidet in there, too). Next, get some toilet paper or an old washcloth and roll it up to form a big circle. Now, stick it into the centre of the circle using one of the toilet paper holders that come with bidets or, if you’re really cheap, a spoon.

Now, get another washcloth and roll it up again to form a triangle. Gather up some water from the sink and place a cup of it inside the circle you’ve just made. Spread it out flat and, using the spray wand of your bidet, spray it over the surface of your skin. Make sure that all the areas are covered, including your head, back and legs. Wait for a minute before you rinse off; this will give your toto washlet plenty of time to soak in the water.

After this, you will have a stunning picture of your stunning image, which you will save to your computer and print out. You will find that the Tin Man, who was the character played by Andy Warhol in the original strip, reappeared in the later versions of the original movie, and was even named after Warhol himself – thus bringing him back to prominence in the minds of the young people who had only seen him in the original pictures. So, this image of the Tin Man has become a symbol of Hollywood forever, even though many of the people who watched the original version may never have been able to see him.

You may want to have this image printed on a poster to be placed somewhere outside your house to advertise it. But why stop at the Tin Man? Other famous figures like the Bride of Frankenstein or the Bride of Dracula could also have their own statues or plaques in any room of your house to adorn them. Or, if you prefer, you could make a collection of different toto faces that people might come across in future books, showing them the different faces of Tin Men. So, when people ask you about your experiences as a child, tell them about your most famous toto – the Tin Man!