Determinants of Health Status

Health is a condition of mental, physical and social well being in which infirmity and disease are absent. It also includes the capability to undertake action to attain health, the integrity of body systems, the resistance to disease, the maintenance of health, the energy, and the ability to perform ordinary functions properly. There is also the capacity to cope up with stress and other situations. It is related to the adaptive capacity, self-protection, and self-care.

Mental health refers to the capacity to cope and deal with anxiety, stress, depression, mood swings, or other psychosomatic conditions. Individuals who have good health conditions are able to maintain their relationships with other people as well as cope with work and their daily lives. Individuals who are mentally healthy are also more likely to be successful at work and also achieve their goals in life.

Physical health refers to well-being that is achieved through the capacity to attain the normal functions of the body through the system. This can be achieved through the maintenance of the normal weight for an individual, through healthy diet, through regular exercise, and through the use of occupational safety gear and materials. It is the main article of mental health.

The relation between the mental health and physical health is not that simple. There is always the risk that the two may be at odds with each other. There are many types of mental health disorders, such as those relating to the thinking process, creativity, memory, attention, mood, stress management, and other areas. To promote good health, individuals should make sure that they get all the nutrients that they need from the food that they eat and the supplements that they take.

The developing countries suffer from a higher rate of childhood illnesses than any other country. It is true that in developed countries, most of the people lead healthy lives, thanks to the public health systems that have been developed over the years. Yet this does not mean that they are completely disease-free. One of the biggest concerns is that the diet of children in these countries is lacking in nutrients. A poor diet leads to a low intake of nutrients in the body, and this can lead to a number of diseases in the future, including stunted growth, cancer, bowel problems, allergies, depression, and diabetes.

It is important to pay attention to the determinants of health status. The determinants relate to both the physical and the mental health. It is important to take note of your personal lifestyle choices, such as your diet, your level of stress, and your exposure to various environmental hazards. These determinants may determine your chances for a successful and healthy life.