Current Duos in Boda Negara

Bandar To Gel is a firm owned by Malaysian group Perindi Limited, which also owns the company called Perindi Agro Indonesia. The company produces and exports refrigerated sauces from Malaysia. The company has two factories in Malaysia, both located in Klang, Mentri area. The largest factory is located in Klang, while the other factory is located in Mentri. Both factories manufacture a variety of condiment items like sambal, ketchup and hot sauce. Bandar To Gel USA, a subsidiary of Perindi Limited, also has a plant in Zantana, Java.

Bandar To Gel has many partners worldwide. It is signed an agreement with Cargil to produce and export chilled condiments in Australia. The agreement with Cargil is a five-year arrangement. Other countries where Bandar To Gel is signed an agreement are China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Other companies where Bandar To Gel is located is Pabasa Foods (Pabasa Foods International), Unilever and TDA. The company has signed agreements with these companies to market their products in the Asian markets. The Bandar To Gel company also has signed agreements with companies that promote the brand in the European and American markets. This includes agreements with Unilever, Serta and Colgate Palmolive.

Perindi Agro Indonesia has signed an agreement with Bandar To Gel USA, a subsidiary of Perindi Limited. In this agreement, Perindi Agro will market Bandar To Gel in Indonesia. The Perindi Agro subsidiary will provide marketing support as well as selling Bandar To Gel products throughout the country. The agreement states that the companies will work together on all marketing strategies. Perindi Agro Indonesia has a lot of experience in the food industry. The ini adalah or the brand ambassador for Bandar To Gel Mardham Haryanto will be appointed as the brand ambassador for Perindi Agro Indonesia.

The last company in the agreement is Tembusu, the trading arm of Credit Suisse. The agreement between Tembusu and Bandar To Gel USA was signed in October 2021. Under the agreement, Tembusu will market Bandar To Gel USA’s line of products in Indonesia. It is believed that the deal will be worth approximately $40 million per year to both companies. The contract will be expiring in 2021.

As previously stated, Tembusu is a major player in the clothing industry. The company manufactures clothes for children and men. The clothing produced by Tembusu is for the lower income group. Perindi Agro Indonesia is known to produce clothes that are high in quality and affordable.