Enjoying Water Park Entertainment at To Gel Hongkong Pools in Central and Victoria

To Gel Hong Kong is a highly popular spa resort in Asia’s largest metropolis, with the largest number of visitors in its staterooms. The resort has an exquisite location, with a fabulous view over the Hong Kong harbour and Victoria Harbour. It is built on the shore of Lamma Island, which is one of the most beautiful places in the region. To Gel has two different kinds of staterooms: the Central Business District stateroom and the Watshire Garden stateroom. Each of them is beautifully decorated with rich, aromatic drapes.

The To Gel Hong Kong resort offers all the facilities you could ever want in a hotel, from business meetings to relaxing evenings with family and friends. Hotels like To Gel are known for their spacious, airy rooms that have warm, authentic Asian hospitality. Room service and staff are always ready to go to any request of your guests. All rooms have their own bathrooms equipped with a minibar, mini bar and stocked with contemporary hygiene products. The Central Business District (CBD) of the hotel is equipped with several banks, restaurants and cinemas.

The To Gel Hong Kong Populer Di gallery in the Central Business District offers two exhibitions each month, with no registration required. These are the only exhibitions in the entire region, showcasing works from local and international artists, made from traditional materials like wood, metal, ceramic, leather and fabrics. The Untuk Wata Seminyak Gallery in the Watshire Road area houses local craftwork by local artists.

The colourful, modern atmosphere of the Central Business District makes it a great place to shop for all things unique and exclusive. The Hong Kong Shoe Museum at Sha Tin Road features contemporary collection of footwear and handbags by some of the best designers in the world. For something really unique, head to the Untuk Wata Seminyak Gallery and see the ancient artifacts displayed like a mini-museum. Other popular places to go are the To Gel Haus, Tintang Bazaar and the Seagull Restaurant at the Central Business District.

Visitors who wish to shop in a more traditional setting should check out the To Gel Haus, an open-air shop house where live musicians perform and vendors sell local items. The Seagull Restaurant on Houghton Road serves authentic hawker food from Hong Kong. Set far apart from the traditional hawker centre, the Seagull is located in a new-style open-air mall. The To Gel Bazaar in Central is a huge selling ground for local produce and souvenirs at competitive prices. Some of the popular street sellers at the Seagull are Po Pui, Bamboo Hut and Tung Tong.

The To Gel Hongkong Pools in Central and Victoria are two of the most famous indoor pools in Hong Kong. Located in the Central Business District, the To Gel Hongkong pools are two of the most expensive, glamorous and prestigious pools in Hong Kong. Like all other pools, Two Gel Hongkong Pools offers an in-depth water experience for an ultimate fun-filled swimming experience. Swimming at one of these stunning pools is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.