An Important Part of Indonesian Food

The To Gel Online is a product of communication and cultural exchange that happens between two communities based in Singapore. The project started in 2020 as a response to the low level of understanding between the communities in Singapore as to what the other group thinks about the existence of foreigners in the country. This project aims to build bridges among different communities by providing them with opportunities to exchange experiences and traditions through multimedia conferences. It also aims to build ties between the diverse heritage of the two communities to reinforce the existing cultural unity.

Togel online is a multimedia-conferencing program created by the non-profit, not-for-profit organisation, Togel International. The name Togel is taken from the traditional Balinese name, “Togedoolan”, which translates into English as “people of the golden speech”. “Togel” refers to the first conference held in recognition of the late Dr. Muhammad Yunus, who was born in Borneo. Dr. Yunus is described as a social reformer and human rights activist who gained worldwide respect as the first Nobel Peace Prize Winner. The To Gel Online was launched to bring to light the different cultures and traditions practised by the two communities, as well as highlight the differences and similarities between both.

Currently there are four regional conferences being held in Singapore under the banner of To Gel Online. These conferences are: Tarun Memakai Resmi Atau (TPR), Singapore State University (SSU), tertiary institution students in Singapore (TESOL) and tertiary institution students in Malaysia (TIMS). The aim of these regional conferences is to share and build upon the existing relationship between the communities, while expanding on the current to provide more opportunities to the people of both communities. In doing this, the two communities will be able to better understand one another and the importance of unity and multiculturalism in society.

Togel Online has been recently launched as a portal to help bridge the gap that currently exists between the communities. The aim of To Gel Online is to provide an online platform that will enable people of the two communities to interact and share their views, experiences, ideas and food, in the form of blogs, forums, events and podcasts. In doing so, it is hoped that more people will become aware of the cultural differences and appreciate them. For example, to Gel Online, the word Beka (Malaysian) is not used, whereas the word Jitu (Singaporean) is used to describe both the cuisine and the style of cooking.

“TOGEL ONLINE” is a new blog where anyone can join for free. It is maintained by Dr. Ravi Subramaniam, an Islamic scholar and author based in Singapore. Dr. Subramaniam, who is also the president of “Atau Kasti”, has written many articles on the issues surrounding the Arakan religion, which are a part of the Indonesian indigenous culture. Dr. Subramaniam’s research focuses mainly on the practices and beliefs of the Inginese, whilst keeping a tab on the practices and beliefs of other local religions such as Javanese, Sorong, Chinese, and the Perankan. The primary focus of the blog is to highlight the positive attributes of the religion to the people living in the Muslim majority areas in Singapore. One can read about how the religion has effected the lives of the people in the different localities, and the different festivals and events held throughout the year.

“TOGEL ONLINE” is a portal where members can find information on the various dishes served at a traditional Indonesian dining restaurant. They also get to know about the different styles of cooked food, and how these dishes are prepared. Visitors can also watch the cooking process and can compare the results with those of their own cooking. To Gel Online offers the readers an opportunity to try out the various dishes and cuisines of Indonesia, in their original flavor and flavors. Members get to cook the dishes that they like best, and can submit their feedback on how it is being cooked. Members can even send their pictures of dishes and can get to know others who are enjoying similar dishes.