Working in the Fashion Industry

Fashion is an ever-increasing aesthetic expression in a particular time and context and in a particular culture, particularly in clothing, shoes, accessories, hairstyles, makeup, and body proportions among others. The visual culture surrounding a culture reflects many aspects of that culture. A majority of the people in the world are actually not aware of the diversity of fashion trends. Fashion has grown so much over the past few years, influencing almost everything we wear. This also has an impact on how we feel about ourselves.

Due to its popularity and a lot of multinational companies rushing into the fashion industry, there are a lot of harmful chemicals released in the clothes manufacturing process. The clothes that are made from these harmful chemicals are not suitable for the working conditions of the factory workers, exposing them to dangerous diseases and conditions. Moreover, when these toxic clothes are worn by the consumers, they can affect their health badly. The best thing to do is to buy only clothes made from organic materials such as cotton or hemp.

These clothes are far more beneficial for the working conditions and health of people because they are not toxic and do not release hazardous chemicals in the air and in the water. Organic cotton is resistant to chemical adhesives and pesticides and cannot be damaged by water or heat. Therefore, cotton clothes have better performance when it comes to comfort and durability. In fact, these organic fibers have become so popular that more people opt to wear organic clothes.

Even though we can’t stop the continuous growth of the fashion industry, we can still do something about it. First of all, we should contribute to ending the use of dangerous chemicals in the clothing industry. Wearing organic clothing will help us significantly reduce the amount of chemicals used by the factories to manufacture clothes and other items. Aside from this, we can also help the environment by recycling any textile that we may have in our home. This way, we will be able to preserve the environment and the beauty of nature. Our contribution to the elimination of hazardous chemicals in the fashion industry can truly be of great help.

Another important thing to do is to help the fashion brands by encouraging them to create a safer working environment for the garment workers in their factories. The fashion industry has been sued for not having adequate hazard management policies. If a company can not follow the stipulated guidelines, they could be held responsible for any injuries or accidents to the workers. The policy should include the measures that the company will take in case an accident occurs. By making a change in the working conditions, the company can easily lessen the amount of money that they need to spend for lawsuits and medical bills caused by accidents in the workplace.

Lastly, the use of harsh chemicals on the fibers should be reduced. Many companies tend to apply various chemicals to enhance the look of their clothes and make them appear more appealing to the customers. However, these chemicals have long-term effects on human health. For example, dyes and bleaches that are often used on clothes are toxic. It is important for fashion brands to avoid the use of such chemicals when making clothes.