TOTO’s Secret Message

It’s common knowledge that a little TOTO! is called for when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. If your child or pet loves Halloween, then you’ll have no problem getting them into some fun and unique outfits and accessories that they’ll be able to show off with pride every time they attend their Halloween costume party. When it comes to finding great ideas, TOTO can help!

TOTO grabbed a big bold hand and bit it – the little guy grabbed his hand and quickly pulled it out; the shaggy boy just laughed at the whole thing and handed it back to TOTO with a raised eyebrow. He brought his hand into his waist-pocket, pulled out an apple, and said, “Oh yeah!” He put his other hand inside his belt-belt-pockets and pulled out another apple; this time, he pulled it out by the root and said, “Yum! I love these apples.” After grabbing a couple more apples, he pulled out two more apple cores from his pockets – and that’s when the shaggy boy started to get a little uncomfortable. TOTO was going to pull all four of them out, and he wanted the apple-core guy to have two of the apples to himself.

TOTO didn’t have a choice but to give in and get the apple core guy to have one. Now the shaggy boy was a little embarrassed that the apple-core guy had the power to tell him what he could and couldn’t eat for Halloween. But then, the little guy realized that he was getting more than he bargained for – and that the apple-core guy was in on TOTO’s plan. The shaggy boy made a face and decided that he was done with getting his face plastered all over the town; however, the apple-core guy said that he didn’t care if he wore the apples and that the apples were for the little guy. The little guy was still pretty darned confused; however, the apple-core guy explained that the apples were really for him!

After that incident, TOTO got more creative. One night, TOTO had a small girl (about 10 years old) come into the store and get a new dress. Afterward, she asked TOTO to buy her a new hair accessory. TOTO and the little girl went over to her house, went to her room, and gave her the hairbrush and a small box of magic beans.

When the little girl came back from her room, the toto told her that she was going to dress up like a fairy princess when she gets home; and so she quickly went into her to tote bag and picked out a pair of earrings. She went down to the girls’ closet and pulled out the little princess costume she’d been dreaming of for so long; she put the earrings and tiara into her tote bag and began to run out the door. Her mom gave her a pat on the head and told her to get in the car – only to find out that the little princess was running in the middle of the street with TOTO’s car. She was surprised; TOTO and her mother both laughed. The little princess kept laughing until she stopped and looked at them – but then she was gone. The shaggy guy was so excited because the little princess was going to wear an outfit made entirely of magic beans.

The toto told us later that it was one of the most exciting things he ever did in his life – and that he was glad that TOTO was always willing to listen to his wife’s crazy suggestions. TOTO is probably TOTO’s number one fan.