TOTO Washcloths Review

A recent article on Toto’s website highlighted their line of washcloths, particularly the Toto Washlet. The new product, the Washlet, has a unique design, matching up with standard flush toilets, giving users the cleanliness of an American bidet, the convenience of a flush, and the soaking rinse of a conventional toilet rinse after finishing their job. There are four types of the Washlets available in the United States, ranging from around $800 for the most basic models to well over $2,000 for more sophisticated versions with high tech electronic features.


The Washcloth is the most basic version, designed specifically to be used as a toiletry item only. The washcloth is attached to the toilet with a special snap-on clip which holds the piece of washcloth flush against the wall or the toilet seat. The Washcloth comes equipped with two removable pockets; one to hold a toothbrush and the other to hold a disposable pad. One side of the pocket features a soft fabric flap that closes when not in use.

The Advanced Washcloth is similar in function to the washcloth, but it comes equipped with both a removable cloth pocket and a built-in water pump. This additional feature allows for a higher quality rinse, complete with water jets. It is also equipped with a separate washcloth pocket. This version is also equipped with a removable water reservoir for added convenience.

The large pocket which houses the built-in water pump and adjustable seat is the most advanced feature of all the models. This large pocket is designed to fit behind the seat and can be adjusted by sliding up and down the frame. When the seat is positioned in the lowest position, it allows for a larger area to be rinsed while still maintaining a smaller area. With the seat positioned in the highest position it allows for a smaller area to be rinsed. In this position the seat can be used for both adults and children, while still being able to accommodate a small amount of cloth. It is also equipped with a removable shower tray which allows for easy cleaning of the walls.

Another feature found on all the TOTO Washcloths is a seat that is easily removed and placed back into its original position, a feature which can be accessed through the use of one or two small snap fasteners on the interior. {of the seat. A locking mechanism is included within the seat to ensure that it does not come off during use.

The Washcloths are made of durable plastic and are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean, unlike many other toiletry products. They are guaranteed to last for years and are easy to care for and maintain.