Factors of Health

Health is defined as a state of psychological, physical and social well being where illness and infirmity do not exist. It is not merely physical health that we are talking about but also mental health, emotional health, social and spiritual health.


Health means “what the body can bear”, “what is healthy for you”, “your own unique situation”. The meaning of this is the condition of health depends on what the individual can bear. Health is the sum of these three factors:

The first factor of health is your personal values and beliefs. This includes how you regard yourself and others. It also includes the kind of relationship you have with nature, other people, yourself and with yourself. Personal values and beliefs determine the kind of health that you have and they also shape the quality of your life.

The second factor of health is the physical health. Physical health refers to what we call our internal health. It includes such things as general health, the immune system, the capacity to sustain pain and sickness and the ability to cope up with the environment. It includes mental health too but that is not always the same as physical health. Mental health is about how we interact with other people, how we handle stress, what we eat, what we do and what we dream about.

The third factor is emotional health, which is about the capacity to cope up with stress and other conditions that affect us emotionally. This factor encompasses the capacity to be happy or sad and to be able to manage all the various emotions that you experience.

All these factors are interrelated and they are part of a balanced system. This balance is maintained by living a healthy lifestyle and by following healthy habits.

How healthy you are can also have an effect on your health affects the quality of your life. Your health status may affect your work and career prospects. Health also affects your relationships and the way you live.

Exercise plays a major role in your health. Exercise is good for you because it strengthens your immune system. You can also improve your overall health if you get regular exercise.

Healthy food helps your body to keep up with the amount of nutrition you give to it. Healthy eating also keeps you fit and prevent many illnesses from occurring.

Sleep and relaxation are very important for you to maintain your health and well-being. When you are sleep, your immune system gets to work effectively and fights off infection.

Healthy eating, exercise, proper rest, proper sleep and good eating habits will ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle for as long as you live. Good health is vital for your physical, mental and emotional health. It will help you get through your daily tasks smoothly and easily and help you live a better life.