The Importance of Health

“Health is Wealth” is an expression that most of us use on a daily basis, even if only in a casual or humorous way. But it is not just a simple statement; for all the talk we hear about how important health is to our well being, many of us often fail to take time to consider what health actually means. Health is a condition of emotional, physical and even social well-being where illness and infirmity have been absent.

The human body is not designed to last forever, and it is not meant to do things that it cannot do. It is a complex machine, and is constantly under assault from the environment. For this reason, it is very important to maintain good health at all times, whether for the sake of self care or for the sake of others.

For instance, when a woman becomes pregnant, her body goes through a period of physical change that is a result of changes brought about by the major life events she has undergone, such as a loss of a job, a move to another city, a death in the family, etc. This physiological change, known as post-partum depression, is a common cause of many physical ailments, and it is important to understand this fact when trying to determine a course of action regarding your health.

When a woman experiences post-partum depression, it often becomes difficult to think rationally, and to carry out other day to day activities. One of the first steps in taking care of this condition is to discuss it with your doctor. This will enable you to determine the appropriate course of action for yourself and to allow your doctor to do his job properly, helping you to manage your condition.

Another important aspect of good health is the maintenance of a good weight, because a lack of a good weight can often be a contributing factor to the onset of many diseases. It is also important to remember that in today’s society, weight can be influenced by an increased consumption of food, which often leads to overeating.

A lack of exercise, poor nutrition, stress and a sedentary lifestyle are other factors that can lead to poor health, and these all need to be considered when determining the course of action needed to maintain good health. If all of the above factors are present, your health may need to be examined.